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Nuclear Diving

Through the use of advanced equipment and a skilled team of divers, UDS contributes significantly to the safety, maintenance, and integrity of underwater nuclear environments, ensuring the continuous operation of these critical facilities.

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Nuclear Services

Pioneering Nuclear Diving Solutions in the United Kingdom

In the realm of underwater exploration and maintenance, few tasks are as complex and critical as those associated with nuclear facilities. Underwater Diving Services (UDS) has emerged as a frontrunner in providing specialised diving solutions for nuclear installations throughout the United Kingdom, ensuring the safety, integrity, and efficiency of these crucial facilities.

UDS divers involved in nuclear diving operations undergo rigorous training and utilise cutting-edge equipment designed to meet the unique challenges posed by underwater nuclear environments. The gear we wear is a blend of advanced diving technology and radiation protection measures.

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What Nuclear Diving Services do we offer?

  1. Inspections and Surveys: Conducting thorough inspections of underwater structures at nuclear power plants to identify any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. This aids in preventive maintenance and ensures the long-term viability of the facility.

  2. Maintenance and Repairs: UDS divers are skilled in executing maintenance and repair tasks on critical infrastructure components beneath the water. From welding and cutting to replacing faulty equipment, these divers play a vital role in sustaining the operational efficiency of nuclear facilities.

  3. Radiological Cleanup: In the unfortunate event of a nuclear incident or contamination, UDS divers are trained to assist in radiological cleanup efforts. Their expertise is crucial in minimizing the environmental impact and ensuring the safety of the surrounding area.

  4. Emergency Response: UDS is well-equipped to respond to emergency situations in nuclear facilities promptly. Divers are trained to assess and address urgent issues, contributing to the overall safety and security of the nuclear installations.

Nuclear Services

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UDS provide a comprehensive range of inshore and inland commercial diving and marine civil engineering services across the UK, using highly professional and experienced dive teams.

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What we do

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Underwater Diving Services (UDS) stands at the forefront of providing specialised and reliable nuclear diving solutions in the United Kingdom.

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